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Telemedicine Information

1. Telemedicine visits are scheduled just like in person visits. When scheduling your visit ask whether a telemedicine visit is available. If available and the visit is something that can be done via telemedicine, you will be offered an appointment. Since you won't be coming to the office to be checked in, we will check insurance information and take any  copay that may be due when the appointment is scheduled.

2. Telemedicine Consent - we will need a telemedicine consent signed. The easiest method is through the patient portal.

  • After you log in to the portal, click on the "create message" button. You will then be able to choose the patient and subject. On the drop down for subject click "telemedicine consent". Read and then type your name at the bottom and send.

  • If you are not yet signed up for the portal, we can easily get you started.

  • You may also print this form, sign it and upload to the portal, fax it, bring it to the office

3. Click the link for the provider you will be seeing:

Dr. Willman

Dr. Houston

Jill Hobelman PA-C    

Kelly Murry APRN

Anne Bigbee APRN

4. Choose a quiet room with a door that can be closed. Make sure the area around you does not have sensitive information. If possible, check your child's temperature, weight, and pulse prior to the visit.

5. If you have any difficulties getting connected, please call our office

Father and daughter at computer
Using a Touch Phone
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